'Making sculptures is my way to deal with the world.'
Fleur van den Berg
contemporary artist

My works are inspired by ‘La condition humaine’.
I look at the people around me, how they relate to one another and my relation with the people I love. I have difficulties in understanding the dark side of human nature. What makes people capable of doing cruel and gruesome things, for example in wartime? What time are we living in and what challenges us?


We live in the era of information, we have to change to a more sustainable way of life and have to deal with migration. We in the western world, are living rich lives and have many opportunities, but also many responsibilities. How do you deal with everything that comes to you through all the media? How do you ensure that you are not dulled by or rather drowned in the flood of information and images? Which is true and what is not? What is your perspective? What consequences does your way of life have on people and nature elsewhere in the world? Everything is interrelated. We know that we should do many things differently, but actually doing that is often very difficult.


Making art is my way to deal with these questions. I try not to go into details of daily news and like to follow news and things from a distance, in order to get a broader view, the view of an outsider. Sometimes I dive into the news and discover the mentality has changed hugely. Making art is also my way to dive into an alternate reality, the flow of wonder and being.


In my work you see recognizable elements of people, animals, nature and objects. I love to make my sculptures look attractive. I want you to look at it and want you to be eager to touch it. I want to make you laugh or wonder, touch you inside, with surreal and alienating sculptures. I want you to think that you understand, but later see something else in it. With my work I like to show that there are multiple perspectives and that there are many greys and many truths.


When making my sculptures, I usually start from a thought and/or feeling. I choose the most suitable material, that can even result in an ‘augmented reality’ application for your telephone. I do prefer to work with glass, textiles and ceramics. I like glass because of the appearance of the material. For example, it can look like water, ice, stone or tar. Coloured mould melted glass is often not recognized as a material one knows and can therefore have a very alienating effect. I also like to work with textiles. I have developed a kind of human skin from textiles with wax, with which I have made different sculptures. That material is one of the materials I will continue to work with. Because of the translucent qualities and skin like appearance.


Foto: Patricia Nauta (2013)