'Vulnerability and the destructive power of humans are central to my work'
Fleur van den Berg
contemporary artist

Vulnerability and the destructive power of humans are central to my work.
I look at myself and the people close by, as well as people in global systems.

On a world level, there are systems that you as an individual can not change, such as power systems, war, economy. Living in freedom and equality is not self-evident in many places.
Another great system is the cycle of life. Man is not above it, but part of it. Everything we do has consequences elsewhere. Its abstraction and invisibility make it hard to make good choices and also easy to look the other way.
Close by is the relationship with others and yourself. This one is the most personal and tangible.

I try to depict the invisible and elusive through alienating and poetic sculptures so that they can serve as a mirror for people.

By creating, I enter other worlds, which I find very exciting. It also helps me to deal with life.

Sculptures are physically present, so you relate to them in space. Because of their presence, they influence your feelings rather than just your mind.

When making my sculptures, I usually start from a thought and/or feeling. I choose the most suitable material, that can even result in an ‘augmented reality’ application for your telephone. I do prefer to work with glass, textiles and ceramics. I like glass because of the appearance of the material. For example, it can look like water, ice, stone or tar. Coloured mould melted glass is often not recognized as a material one knows and can therefore have a very alienating effect. I also like to work with textiles. I have developed a kind of human skin from textiles with wax, with which I have made different sculptures. That material is one of the materials I will continue to work with. Because of the translucent qualities and skin like appearance.


Foto: Patricia Nauta (2013)