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The perpetuum
2023, acrylic one, pet, epoxy, glasvezel, textiel, was
h 176 | 55 | 56 cm

Price: 3.600 euro

‘The perpetuum’ gaat over de onlosmakelijke verbondenheid tussen mens en natuur. Wij staan er niet boven, maar zijn er een onderdeel van. Door de invloed van technologieën leven wij al lang niet meer samen met de natuur. Er wordt over vergaderd, het wordt gemanaged. De verbondenheid met de natuur is er echter altijd, onder de oppervlakte. We zijn allemaal onderdeel van hetzelfde systeem, vroeger, nu en voor eeuwig.

‘The perpetuum’ gaat ook over verbondenheid tussen familie . Om te groeien moet je ruimte hebben en nemen om dingen op je eigen manier te kunnen doen en goed uit te groeien

2022, jesmonite 730, piments
h 171 | b 75 | d 58 cm

Price: 6.900 euro

De persoon mist van alles aan het lijf, de tors en benen zijn verdraaid in een ongemakkelijke positie. Het beeld heeft een mooi klein mensje in zich. Deze verbeeld de hoe iemand zichzelf ziet en hoe iemand zich voelt van binnen. Die persoon is niet hetzelfde als wat een ander ziet aan de buitenkant. Door het venster, een lijst, is de binnenpersoon nu zichtbaar. Voor mij gaat het beeld over kwetsbaarheid op veel manieren, geïnspireerd op de mensen om mij heen.

she entered a state of fluidity
2023, glas (malgesmolten)
h 30 | b 11 | b 12,5 cm

Price:  2.200 euro

A woman stretches back in one fluid motion: full of surrender. She is naked and sensual. The arms and the upper part of her body are liquify, enhancing the sense of surrender. She becomes part of a larger whole, moves with it.

For centuries the woman has been a model, muse, (lust-) object for men. She is often eroticized. This sculpture is based on a feeling from within, not on a representation from the outside.

she entered a state of fluidity
2022, bronze
h 29  |  w 11,5  |  d 9,5 cm

Price: 1.950 euro
Edition of 8
Photograph #1
#2 is made and has a different colour, darker green

nr 1 is sold

A woman stretches back in one fluid motion: full of surrender. She is naked and sensual. The arms and the upper part of her body are liquify, enhancing the sense of surrender. She becomes part of a larger whole, moves with it.

For centuries the woman has been a model, muse, (lust-) object for men. She is often eroticized. This sculpture is based on a feeling from within, not on a representation from the outside.

2021, bronze
h 37  |  w 13,5  |  d 12 cm

Price: 2.250 euro
Edition of 8
Photograph #1
# 2 is available

nr 1 is sold

This sculpture is about being vulnerable and protecting oneself within a cage. The little oval inside is the heart. It is an element that I use more often in my work. The head is missing as this is not about ration things, it is about feeling. The cage provides protection but is not entirely closed.

molecule man
2021, bronze
h 30,5  |  w 10,5  | l  8,2 cm

Price: 1.950 euro
Edition of 8
Photograph #1
#1 is available 

2021, bronze
h 24,5  | w 7,5 |  d 6,5 cm

Price: 1.500 euro
Edition of 8
Photograph #1
#4 is being made

nr 1, nr 2 and nr 3 are sold

vanitas bubbleman
2021, bronze
h 25,5  | w 7,3 |  d 7,5 cm

Price: 1.250 euro
Edition of 8
Photograph #1
#1 is available

#2 is sold

She’s not here, not there, but somewhere in between
h 117 |  w 193 | d 63 cm
burnt and coated pine wood, textiles, pins, foam rubber
In collaboration with Dutch quilters guild

Price on request

This sculpture was commissioned and made in collaboration with the Dutch quilters guild. I designed patterns of wings for the members to quilt. Due to the pandemic, the textile festival did not take place. The uncertain times, in which people died in isolation, really got to me. It inspired me to make this person who is floating between life and death in solitude. The wings symbolize the transition to another dimension. The white hands in-between the wings are the hands of loved ones feeling for the dying person.

Dit beeld is in opdracht en gemaakt in samenwerking met het Nederlandse quiltersgilde. Ik ontwierp patronen van vleugels die de leden konden quilten. Vanwege de pandemie ging het textielfestival niet door. De onzekere tijden, waarin mensen geïsoleerd stierven, raakten me enorm. Het inspireerde me om deze persoon te maken die in eenzaamheid tussen leven en dood zweeft. De vleugels symboliseren de overgang naar een andere dimensie. De witte handen tussen de vleugels zijn de handen van geliefden die meevoelen met de stervende.

2009, glass blown, cut and polished.
small heart size, fits in hand
There are still three sweet hearts available.  (1 pink and two clear).
Price: 235 euros per piece

The “sweethearts” are a sequel of the sculpture ‘drink my blood’ that I made in 2001. The head and hands were filled with red wine. You can fill the ‘sweetheart’ with sweet e.g. sugar or honey.

The human body is part of the cycle of life and of the circular system on Earth. Mankind is little aware of the latter. We pollute the system and damage it by taking more than it can handle. In addition to the earthly fact that man is part of the circular system (life → death → food → life), there is the spiritual and symbolic meaning of consuming a body. Consuming the wine and sweet is about absorbing another in yourself: about surrender, love and unification.

2012-2019, mouldmelted cristall glass
diameter around 18 cm

Price 900-1.250 euro per stuk (10 fingers) Price 625 euro per stuk (9 fingers)

They move like a swarm. At first they are not noticed as a danger because of their pure and clear appearance and their small size. Only when you look closely do you see that the star-like shapes are made of fingers. The manipulators work on all sorts of things unnoticed in plain sight. They bend things to their will and pull the strings. Seduction, disguise and masquerade are used. Nothing is what it seems.

emptyhead, fool on the hill
mould melted crystal glass, cut and polished
h 12 | b 15 | d 20 cm

Price 2.450 euro

no ni
polystyrene, papier maché, flock, glass eyes
h 90 | w 21 | d 17 cm

Price 1.680 euro 

w 115 | d 28 | h 150 cm without the hanging straps
textiles, wax, mouldmelted glass and other materials

Price on request

‘she entered a state of fluidity’

h 145 | w 59 cm | d 55cm
yesmonite 730, pigment, bronze(powder)

Price 6.700 euro

I can make it in bronze and as a fountain. Price on request

rondneuzen (round nozes, nozing around)
1998, mouldmelted glass
diameter biggest 22 cm

Price 5.670 euro

rondneus (round nose, nozing around)
2021, mouldmelted glass
diameter 8-10 cm, in black, blues and grey

Price 475-675 euro


h 20 | b 33 | d  18 cm

Price 960 euro

earth 2.0
ceramic sinter engobe

h 21 | w 37 | d  20 cm

Price 960 euro

ceramic sinter engobe
h 30 | w 15 | d 15 cm

Price 680 euro

ceramic sinter engobe, glaze, cut
h 40 | w 24 | d 16,5 cm

Price 960 euro 


textiles and glass

Price 1.680 euro

h 80 | w 25 | d 18 cm
ceramic, rustpaint

Price 2.250 euro

soldatentafe(ree)l (soldier’s table/tableau)

h 80 | w 77 | d 65/85
textiles, glass

Price on request

textiles, wax and other materials
h 28 | w 34 l  l 132 cm

Price 3.250 euro

h 37 | w 27 | d 19 cm
ceramic, ink

Price 1.450 euro

lepus (haas)

h 30 b 54 d 26
textiles, glass

price 720 euro


b 110 | w 110 | h 35

Price 2.220 euro

h 16 w 20 d 38 cm

Price 325 euro

berenjas (bearscoat)

teddy bears
h 165 | w 110 | d 80 cm (hung on a chained body)

Price 4.500 euro

golem boneman

h 310 | diameter 300 cm

Price on request, rent possible

more images

wood, glass, textiles, feathers and other materials
h 195  b 45  d 31 cm

The touchables are part of a work that I presented at my graduation exhibition at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie entitled collection. ‘Collection’ consists of a cupboard filled with strange, colourful objects made of glass, feathers and textile. There are also two large, strange plush objects and a very small ‘human body’. The cabinet is modern, but its contents are reminiscent of art and curiosity cabinets: a presentation of naturalia, man-made art, and exotic objects. 

The touchables have an organic look but are so strange that you have no idea whether it is a plant, an organism from the water, a strange animal form, or an art object. The coloured flock and feathers give an exotic impression. Their unfamiliar appearance evokes curiosity and astonishment. When you touch them, they often feel very different than you would expect. They put you on the wrong track, give you a different perception, and show you that what you see with your eye is not necessarily what you feel with your hands. Sometimes there is an unexpected sound. 

With ‘collection’, I wanted to give the audience a special experience by also letting them feel the objects, because I have a great need to touch things myself. I like to know whether something feels soft or hard, cold or warm and whether it is a heavy or light material. The tactile experience contributes to my overall perception of things. In a museum, I often feel the need to touch a work, which, unfortunately, but understandably, is not allowed. I wanted to do this differently for my exhibition. When collecting things, I indicated that people could pick up the touchables and feel them. People really liked being allowed to touch the objects. However, this permission apparently also gave them the idea that they did not have to be careful. I was no longer comfortable and changed my plan of approach. I said nothing more about touching and decided to observe the visitors. Many people couldn’t resist a sneaky touch. Some asked me if they could touch a work. When they were allowed to feel it carefully, or I put the object in someone’s hands especially, the experience was totally different: people were attentive and concentrated. The exclusivity of the experience and the awareness that something is vulnerable and valuable turned out to have a great influence on the experience.

I made the touchables in a two years. They are various objects made of glass and textiles, for which I worked with different techniques such as glassblowing, blowing in sand, sandcasting, moulding, hot-forming, sandblasting, grinding, etching, flocking, stitching and glueing.

sandblown glass, crocheted cotton, feathers
Length: 26 cm

The last smalle touchable for sales.

Price 320 euro

touchable: nini de huggable
processed textile, sound & molten glass
Length: 80 cm

Prize 480 euro

touchable: comfortyou de wearable
processed textile, sound & hot formed glass
Lengte: 120 cm

Price 430 euro

You can wear this touchable on your back. The blue scales give you a dragon’s back, the long arms you can wrap around you. Because of its presence and weight, ‘comfortyou the wearable’ gives you the feeling that you are supported and cuddled. So you can face the world again and you don’t have to feel alone.

vleugelmens (winghuman/wingman)
glass fused
h 69 | w 49 cm

edition 8
photograph #1 (2016)
Available #3 (2020)

Price 760 euro

#1 and #2 are sold


h 49 b 18
glass fused

Price 675 euro

glass fused
h 77 | w 34

Price 1.180 euro

glass fused
H 59 b 33

Price 875 euro

glass fused
h 59 b 56

Price 1.180 euro

glass fused
h 61 | w 35

Price 1.180 euro

glass fused
h 49 | w 59

Price 975 euro